Circular 4/2013 from The board Of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents

1. All negotiators will have to undergo mandatory registration with effect from 1st February, 2014

2. In order for the Negotiator to be eligible to be registered he/she must be in possession of a Certificate of Attendance for a one day course which will be organised exclusively by MIEA, RISM and PEPS. The cost for this course has been fixed at RM450.00 per person.

3. The Certificate of Attendance is a pre-requisite document in the submission of the registration application with the Board (BOVEA)

4. Deadline for submission shall be on 31/1/2014.

5. Each registrant is entitled to submit a maximum of 20 negotiators using the prescribed form and other required document. Submission must be done by the registered firm and not individually by the negotiatiors.

6. A tag bearing the photo and details of the Negotiator will be issued by the board for each approved application and this tag must be worn and displayed at all times during the course of doing business.  This applies to all Sales Personnel engaged by the registered firm including project marketing staff , sales assistant or personal assistant (if any)

7. Each Negotiator will be given a registration number and this number must appear in thier business cards and all marketing promotions including signboard and media advertisements. The public will be able to check and verify the details of each registered negotiator vide the Board Website ( 

8. The entire exercise shall be implemented by 1st April, 2014 and the Board will embark on a massive public relations (PR) compaign to educate the public to only engage the services of the Registered Negotiator.